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My Visit to Carrington Public School

I love getting to visit schools all around NSW to talk about how truly important reading and writing is. Today I got to visit Carrington Public School on behalf of the wonderful organisation Books In Homes. Books In Homes is an initiative to get more books in to the homes of school kids and for my money, there is no better initiative.

Part of the reason for my visit today was to discuss how to write a story. Not many people know this, but writing a story is very easy so long as you stick to this simple structure...

A story must have;
A beginning. This is where you introduce a problem to your characters.A middle. This is where your characters attempt to solve the problem.And an end. This is where your characters either solve the problem, or find some sort of resolution.
And that's it. All of the classic stories follow this simple formula and by doing so, are able to maintain some level of control over the readers emotional journey throughout the story.
A huge thank you is going out …