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Hey friend. My names rob. Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my website.

While I’ve got your attention, I should probably introduce myself. I’m a children’s author and illustrator. It’s a pretty cool job. I get paid to make up stupid, immature stories (mainly for my own amusement), I get to draw awful, ridiculous pictures of animals, I get to meet other authors and illustrators who I think are cool, and sometimes I even get to visit school assemblies across Australia to talk to children about how important reading and writing is. Did you know that studying extra hard and getting good grades in school is by far the coolest thing anyone can do? It’s true. School is the coolest. But anyways, yeh. That’s me in a nutshell. I make children’s books.

And guess what… making children’s books isn’t the only fun thing I like to do. Some other things I like to do include: eating pea and ham soup, playing chess, saying the word ‘wowee’, listening to jazz, watching my favourite tv show ‘Survivor’ and snorkelling in the ocean.

If I could be any animal in the entire world, I would probably be an elephant beetle. That way I could prance around the beach all day squirting salt water in my face.

If you have read all the way up to this point, there’s some blog posts below if you feel like checking them out. If you want to be double cool, you can also help me out by subscribing to my newsletter below. I promise not to spam you. I’ll just flick you an email whenever I create a new story.

My Visit to Paxton Public School

Author visits school for books in homes

Books In Homes is my favourite organisation in the world. Not only do they give much needed books to school kids, but they also send me to visit schools around NSW Australia to talk about my favourite things... reading and writing.

Today I got to visit the awesome kids at Paxton Public School to have a chat with the kids about how truly important reading and writing is. 

author visits school for books in homes

author speaking to school kids at an assembly

talking to school kids about reading and writing

author gives speech to students on writing

children's writer visits school kids on behalf of books in homes

author visits rural area to share his story on becoming an author

NSW school kids receive free books from books in homes

NSW Australian school child gets free book from books in homes australia

school kid gets free books

getting books as a christmas present

reading books at school is important

school kids opening gift of books

And guess what? Some of the kids will even be writing their own stories and their teachers will be sending them to me to feature on my blog! So stay tuned for some great stories coming to this website soon.

I must send out another great big thank you to Books In Homes for having me again. I am truly a fan of you guys and am available to support you anytime. I also owe a debt of gratitude to the wonderful teaching staff for being so accommodating of me.

And finally to the kids, thank you for listening to me. Remember, anyone can be an author if they want. You just got to pay attention to your really smart teachers.

BTW, I must say, Paxton is such a gorgeous town. I was out that way a few weeks ago to visit the kids at Kitchener Public School but didn’t take any pictures. This time I thought I’d take some, so here’s a little glimpse... If you ever get a chance, get in your car and go on an adventure to Paxton.

Regional NSW australia speed limit sign

cow on the run in regional NSW

rusted farming equipment in regional NSW australia

Friday, November 21, 2014 by Rob Towner
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