Friday, June 13, 2014

Sequel to Animal Friends coming soon

I probably shouldn’t say coming soon, but yeh, it’s coming... it will most likely be ready around Christmas 2014. I’m going to look for a publisher to get this book in to stores across Australia, but rest assured if no publisher is interested, I shall release the book myself.

It is indeed exciting times all-round friends. I’m back from a whirlwind European adventure (Animal Friends: Floating Orange Cubes was commissioned by the French government to be on permanent display in the Napoleon wing of the Louvre – pictured below), the World Cup is on, I recently became an uncle, and I have already started work on the sequel to one of my favourite stories. I like stories.

book in the louvre

The next story will go beyond the humble realm of Abby’s backyard and stretch into the wide expanse of the entire universe (Because I want it to that’s why). Plus, characters such as Colonel Mustard and Pengita the Penguin will be returning and getting up to even sillier adventures... I miss those guys.

Will Patrick the Cicada find his way out of the predicament he finds himself in? (Sorry to sound vague there, just don’t want to spoil anything for people who may not have read the first story yet) You will have to wait to find out.

As always, I will be releasing the first few chapters of this story here on this blog, so be sure to sign up to the rss feed for this site (just click the logo that looks like this and hit subscribe).

So, anyways, hope you are all well and living your dreams. On a side note, if you would like to be pals and have a chat sometime, hit me up on the social network things... I'm never too busy...

Got any feedback? Characters or ideas you would like me to include in the sequel to Animal Friends? Leave them in the comments section below.


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