My AMA on Reddit

Last weekend I did an AMA on reddit where people could come and just ask me questions about anything and just kind of hang out. I had an absolute blast and met some really cool people all over the world. You can read the entire AMA here.

To give you an update on Sales (and keep in mind, these figures are rough as some sales transactions take longer to process than others, there are still people grabbing copies and the sales results are delayed by about 3 days) I have sold 106 physical copies according to Lightning Source Australia and 55 Digital copies through Amazon Kindle according to my distributor Dennis Jones Australia. That’s a net profit to me of about $500. Shwing!

This is 100% an absolute dream come true for me. ANIMAL FRIENDS: FLOATING ORANGE CUBES is a story I hold extremely dear to my heart and as any other writer will attest, having other people go on that journey with you is one of life's greatest joy's.

The reviews that have been flowing through on Amazon have not only been positive, but extremely hilarious! Here is an example of just a few of them.

funny amazon reviews of a book

I also received several requests from people for a signed copy of my book ANIMAL FRIENDS: FLOATING ORANGE CUBES. If you want me to make this happen for you, hit me up via my contact page.

But anyways, yeh. In closing, I must say, thank you so much for having me reddit. I will be sure to visit again when the sequel is ready... probs sometime in August. In the meantime, I am now embroiled in close to 300 games of chess on the CHESS TIME MULTIPLAYER app for android. Come and challenge me anytime. My username is ‘robtowner’.

PS. Keep sending through pics and videos of you reading the book! :) I am saving these for another blog post in the not too distant future :)

And by not too distant future, I mean now. Here you guys are - My friends for life.



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