My Visit to Wyoming Public School

Recently I had the massive pleasure of visiting Wyoming Public School in NSW Australia to discuss the importance of reading and writing. The event was a Books In Homes initiative sponsored by Scholastic Australia. The Wyoming Public School principal was nice enough to give me a ten minute window to discuss my own journey into the world of reading and writing tales.

But I thought to myself, man... no kid wants to sit through one second of me babbling on about my own boring life story (and if they did, all my deets are on this website anyways). So instead I thought I would have some fun with them. And wow, yeah we had some fun...

We just went ahead and made this Harlem Shake video.

A few people have already asked me... Why did you do this Rob? The answer is simply this. Many authors and illustrators visited my school when I was growing up, but I don’t remember a single one. Sure, the kids probably didn’t learn anything overly mind blowing from my little visit. But at least I gave them something they will remember... having some fun whilst reading and writing. My message... Reading and writing is fun.

After we had finished shaking it like a Polaroid picture, I had a few extra minutes up my sleeve so I decided to open the floor to some Q & A. I got some great questions too... Some of which have been answered in this interview.

The kids made me feel so welcome too and afterwards I spent an entire lunchtime signing autographs. By the end of it everyone had texta marks everywhere!

So ye anyways, what a fun time! I would just like to take this opportunity again thank all the kids for making my author visit a truly fun and memorable one. A BIG BIG BIG thank you also to Neil Fraser and all staff involved for accommodating me. I will come back absolutely anytime you want me to. PLUS, guess what??? Some of my picture books are now on display in the Wyoming Public School library... Some are calling it THE COOLEST LIBRARY DISPLAY EVER!

school kids doing the harlem shake


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