My Books Now Live in Wyoming Public School's Library

My books in a schools library...

During the week I got to visit Wyoming Public School. Now, the complete collection of all my books are available to read in their school library! They went ahead and gave me the coolest library book display in history!

Because they were so nice to me, I personally autographed every single book (all 50 of them) and included a personalised message in each one. Thanks guys! Check out some of these pics...

australian school kids loving books

australian school kids

smiling and reading kids

the happiest kids on the planet are reading picture books

kids from wyoming public school reading books

kids enjoying reading weird stories

school library display of featured author

australian author visits school and leaves copies of his books behind

giving books to australian school kids

Would you like Rob Towner books in your School library? Contact me to arrange bulk buying of all my books. I can get you them for way cheaper than they are on Amazon. Hit me up for a quote.

Read about my visit to Wyoming Public School.


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