The Magic of Hanukkah - A Bedtime Story

The last instalment of the Romy’s Garden Adventures series was a Christmas themed tale which celebrated the magic of Christmas. So, just so I don’t seem biased to one religion, I thought it might be nice to do the next adventures as a Hanukkah special. Yeeeehaw! Go Judaism!

And you know how most author / illustrators don’t let you read an entire picture book that they created for free by just embedding the whole thing on to their website? Well, I’m not most authors. Hey. That’s just how I roll. I live to give. You can read ROMY’S GARDEN ADVENTURES: HANUKKAH ANTARCTICA right here for free right now. Party!

Did you end up reading the whole thing? I know 46 pages is a bit too much to ask sometimes. Especially when there are lots of pictures.

If you are thinking to yourself “I like this Hanukkah story. I wonder where I can get a physical copy for my young niece or grandson?” or “Hmm... I wish this book was available on the Amazon Kindle market.” Stop wondering! Now all your dreams can be achieved by buying this book on Amazon!

Just read some of these amazing reviews Hanukkah Anarctica has received already:

“This book makes me want to puke.” – Rob’s friend Dave

“I’m not going to read your book. Stop emailing me.” – Bruce Willis

“I like the part with the poo. I like poo.” – James, 4 years old

Plus, if you actually buy a book, that just makes me want to keep making more and more of these ridiculous kids stories. Ahhh... goodtimes. So yeh. Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading this adventure as much as I enjoyed writing and illustrating it. And don’t forget, the magic of Hanukkah lives in all of us... Except maybe if you are a Scientologist. What’s with those guys anyways?

Click here to buy Romy’s Garden Adventures: Hanukkah Antarctica


  1. Great story. Good luck on Amazon!


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