Animal Friends CHAPTER ONE

Ok guys. Here’s a sneak peak at the first chapter of Animal Friends, which will be released in July 2013. Would really appreciate your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below. Hope you like. I’ll give you all Chapter Two in March… Lots of love. Rob Towner.

Animal Friends | Chapter One

Why don’t insects have any decency about them? Why is it that when you’re watching your favourite cartoons on a Saturday morning they always seem to pop up unannounced and uninvited and just waltz all over your television screen like they’re lord bloody muck?

Is it because they just don’t have any manners? Are their brains too small to contemplate the slightest amount of common courtesy? Or are they actually trying to tell us something? Something that is so important that they will risk getting yelled at swiped at and sprayed at whilst screaming through their tiny little insect mouths at us?

Abby was only six years old and didn’t know the answers to these questions. All she knew was that a bunch of annoying flies were interrupting her precious cartoon time. And they were about to meet their maker.

“Get out of the way flies! I am trying to watch telly!”

Abby’s patience had well and truly run out. Now standing on her parents very expensive leather couch, she slammed the remote control down on one of the cushions so hard that it bounced right back and hit her square in the forehead, creating a giant red lump under her straight blonde hair.

“Ooowwwwww!” Abby’s miniature howl spat out the fly screen door of the narrow two story town house sending nervous animals in the backyard scurrying back to their hiding spaces.

Now she was even madder (If that were possible). She stormed into her parent’s kitchen creating a crashing noise of pots and pans and five seconds later, returned armed with a heavy duty can of fly spray and a pink plastic fly swatter that looked like it could squash a cat.


Uh oh. When Abby’s Dad sung her name like a trombone it always made her freeze in her tracks. She knew this meant trouble, but this time it definitely wasn’t fair.

“Daaaaad.” Abby engaged whiney voice mode… One of her better defence strategies. “ It’s not faaair. The stupid insects keep buzzing around the TV screeeeen and I’m trying to watch cartooooons!”

Steve was still sitting at the kitchen table, buried so deep into the weekend newspaper that Abby hadn’t noticed him there when she first dived in to get the spray. But he had always had a sixth sense when it came to Abby’s movements.

“Abigail.” Steve repeated himself sharply.

Ok. Fair or no fair, her name was called twice. This meant that if she didn’t walk back into that kitchen and start a conversation, that fly swatter she was so eager to use would hence forth be known as an Abby swatter. She slumped back with her shoulders hung low. Out of her right ear she could still hear the flies buzzing around the TV screen. And now, because of them, instead of watching cartoons, she was in trouble. GREAT!

“Aabbyy.” His voice was fighting to reach under her chin and prop her face up, but Abby’s neck fought harder to keep it down. Still, his voice sounded much calmer now and was sprinkled with empathy. Maybe she wouldn’t be getting punished after all. Had whiney voice mode succeeded yet again? She decided to look up and see for herself.

“You are not to be using any such fly spray on any such insects. Do you understand me?”

“WHAT? But Daaaaad! It’s not fair! Why can’t I just kill them and get it over with? What’s the point of keeping so much fly spray in the house if we can’t use it?” This was a valid point. Abby’s Dad stockpiled fly spray like it was going out of fashion. Why couldn’t she use any?

The ever so slight buzzing noise from the lounge room was becoming louder and louder in Abby’s ears, as though she was being mocked.

Steve didn’t answer her onslaught of questions. He neatly put the morning paper to one side, folding one of the corners in so he knew where he was up to, and pulled the curly wrought iron backed chair out next to him as a peace offering.

“Take a seat sweet pea… It’s story time.”

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  1. Love the tongue in cheek dialogue ad the drawings are terrific

  2. Wow! That means a lot coming from you. Thank you! :)

  3. Sue Anne RandazzoMarch 11, 2013 at 1:10 AM

    Hi Rob,
    You rock! I am sooo impressed. Palmo sent me your great write up re the school for the Deaf you visited in Mayfield and yes those of us who have the privilege to work with these children are truly blessed.

    Keep up the great work with the book. I look forward to reading it to my children at school.

    Sue Anne Randazzo xx

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  5. […] Click here to read the first chapter of Animal Friends for yourself. […]